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Offering the best in tennis leagues, clinics, lessons and casual play for the public player in the Metrolina Area cities and counties including:

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  • Mecklenburg County,
  • Monroe
  • Union County,
  • Gastonia and Belmont
  • Gaston County,
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  • York County.

The focus is on providing complete and comprehensive organized tennis programs for the public recreational tennis player -- helping match players with players, pro's, clubs, stores, courts and activities.

For those looking to improve their game, we offer a full range of training programs from free lessons for beginners to private and group training from the best PTR certified instructors.

Whatever you are looking for in the game of Tennis...MatchMaker can help you find it. Thank you for visiting and we welcome your comments. Let's get started...Click Here.

NETiquette -- Tennis Etiquette

Indoor Tennis Etiquette

Indoor tennis carries all the etiquette rules from outdoors with a few additional indoor rules. Click here to read the article.

Quote of The Moment

"Regardless of how you feel inside, always try to look like a winner. Even if you are behind, a sustained look of control and confidence can give you a mental edge that results in victory."

Arthur Ashe
1943-1993, Professional Tennis Player


Did anyone happen read this months' "Charlotte Magaine"? MatchMaker Tennis won a Best of the Best title. We are so grateful. Come out and play with us.


Charlotte Tennis Leagues

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Charlotte Tennis Mixer

Our next mixer is March 8th. This event is free and open to all of our tennis friends and their families. To find out more and to sign up, click this link

Exercise As A Prescription?

This is an interesting article from our friends at the Charlotte Observer. It might be a good time to pick up tennis, as a good form of exercise.

Registration for the spring Charlotte Tennis Season is now open

This week may hold icy and snowy conditions but warmer days are just around the corner. MatchMaker Tennis will be hosting the following sessions for adults of all skill levels:

  • Men's Singles 3.0
  • Men's Singles 3.5
  • Men's Singles 4.0
  • Men's Singles 4.5
  • Women's Singles 2.5
  • Women's Singles 3.0
  • Women's Singles 3.5
  • Women's Singles 4.0
  • Men's Doubles - Beginner
  • Men's Doubles - Advanced
  • Women's Doubles - Beginner
  • Women's Doubles - Advanced
  • Mixed Doubles - Beginner
  • Mixed Doubles - Advanced
  • 3 on 3 Team Tennis
Registration will close March 7th and play starts the week of March 15th. Have any questions? Just call the office.

Ball Boy Tryouts?

There is a tourney that has a "NEW" concept for ball boys -- those are the kids that you see on TV that sit near the net posts and when a player hits a ball into the net, they race out and remove the ball from the court.

Check out this video from our friends at Mashable. Are these the best ball boys in the world?

Expresso On Court?

Ever feel like you can't wake up on the court?

When you are at the level of Serena Williams, you can order an expresso WHILE playing your match. And someone will bring it to you.

And yes -- she won that match!

How Young Is Too Young?

How young should your child be before you can enroll them in tennis lessons? The answer -- it depends on the child.

It is a short video on a 4 yr old girl who has a natural tennis aptitude. It is never too early to introduce your child to a tennis ball.

Balls 4 Schools and Nets 4 Schools...

MatchMaker Tennis has 2 programs to help our local schools' tennis teams -- "Balls4Schools" and "Nets4Schools".

Thank you to everyone who made it possible -- Charlotte Tennis Academy, River Hills Country Club and Carmel Country Club. Without your help, some local schools would not have the proper tools to make their tennis season better. THANK YOU!

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