2017 Christmas

Christmas Day Menu


Veggie Platter a la Bobby
Meatballs a la Carol
Cheese Board a la Wendy

Main Course

Roasted Chicken
Honey Baked Ham
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Candied Yams
Garlic Mushrooms
Bacon Brussel Sprout Green Bean Casserole a la Colleen


Some kind of Dessert a la Roseanna
Rum Fruit Cake a la Wendy

Christmas Day Guest List

Mike & Jude
Mary Ann & Honey & Caryn
Carol Scott & Ruth Sellinger
Bobby Grubar
Barry & Roseanna Rigdon
Sid Sowers
Ken & Colleen Heptig
Ed Stem & Gwen w/ Anthony
Wendy Whittaker & Rich Lubbers
Jacqueline & Pat Clay
Jeff & Tracey Kendall w/ Braden, Peyton and Tristan
Scott Starnes (and Joe?)
Jimmy Hicks
Tom & Annelle Hamilton
Sandy Timms
Jeroline Peah


Dusty Klass & Family (???)
Brooke Thompson (???)
Dan Buckley (???)
Dahlia Haddad (???)