Thanksgiving Day Menu



Chips & Dip a la Mom
Chicken Ball a la Carol
Pigs-In-A-Blanket a la Caryn
Veggie Platter a la Bobby

Main Course

Oven Roasted Turkey
Honey Baked Ham
Turkey Stuffing
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Roasted Green Beans & Carrots with Pine Nuts
Candied Yams
Cranberry Sauce
Cornbread & Croissants
Avocado & Black Bean Salad a la Elizabeth
Green Bean Casserole or Asparagus Cassarole a la Tracey
Cheesy Pineapple Casserole a la Carol & Ruth
Brussel Sprouts a la Cheryl
Corn Casserole a la Linda
Rutabagas a la Tony


Brownies a la Pat
Apple Squares a la Colleen
Pies a la Ed
Cherry Pie a la Jeff
Pumpkin Pie a la Dan
Apple Pie a la Cheryl

Thanksgiving Day Guest List


Mike & Jude
Jude’s Mom
Caryn Aronson
Pat Conti

Carol Scott & Ruth
Sid Sowers
Aunt Lee
Uncle George
Bobby Grubar and Cheryl Coor
Judy Keck
Ken & Colleen Heptig
Gwen & Ed Stem, Anthony and Alice
Tony & Stephanie, Nicholas, Aaron and Samantha
Terry & Elizabeth Colen
Jeff & Tracey Kendall and Braden, Peyton and Tristan
Linda & Mack Sigmon
Dan Buckley
Rick Nicolini and Anthony and Janel
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Weston
Scott Starnes (late)