Here is what we know so far.


Thank you for your patience while we worked through the logistics of reopening Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation tennis courts. MMT has been slammed with inquiries from your players over the past 24 hours, so we’re excited to provide details.

• Effective Thursday, April 30: Parking lots and tennis courts will be reopened for walkup play during daylight hours. We kindly ask you to remind your players to fully comply with social distancing, limiting of shared equipment and all COVID-19 related ordinances, as mandated by Gov. Cooper and/or Mecklenburg County. In an effort to limit exposure to shared/common areas, restrooms and port-a-johns will remain closed.

• Lights are not currently scheduled to turn on. IF the determination is made to re-activate lights, we’re not expecting units to be fully programmed or operational until next week.

• Reservations remain prohibited at this time, as courts are available for walkup play only.We’ll continue to monitor the ever-evolving COVID situation and make adjustments as necessary. As new information and data is gathered, we will keep you informed as we progress.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding during this time of extreme uncertainty and rapidly changing information.

Thank you!

TL:DRCourts are open for walk up play ONLY, however bathrooms and lights will not be available until next week. Please comply with social distancing.