If you search, you will find a TON of tennis in Charlotte.

So, you want to play. NOW WHAT??? You have some questions to answer:

  1. WHAT skill level are you? If you don’t know, check out or NTRP (it’s a skill rating). Read through it and guesstimate where you “think” you might be.
  2. WHAT TYPE of tennis do you like to play? Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles, 3 on 3 Team Tennis? Or just clinics? Or just lessons?
  3. Do you have a teammate that you would like to play with? And are they about the same level as you?
  4. WHEN do you want to play? Mornings? Nights? Weekends? Every Monday?
  5. WHERE do you want to play? Near your home? Near your work?
  6. HOW competitive do you want your tennis to be? Pickup games? Recreational Groups? State-Ranked?
  7. HOW much do you want to pay? Sky’s the limit? Minimal amount? Free?

Look, you probably just thought that you want to play tennis. But there are A LOT of questions you have to answer before you “just go out and play”. It is doubtful that you will find a group that is EXACTLY what you want. Ex. Men’s Doubles at 10:45 on Tuesday mornings at the court closest to YOUR house.

So, when answering the questions above, you need to decide which of those answers you are “flexible” with. The more flexible you are, the easier it will be for you to get playing.

Some cities, have pick-up groups. They are usually free. You show up with a racquet and a can of balls. You hang out at a tennis complex and wait for a few things — an open court and another player who is about your skill level. If the group is large, you may get 20 minutes of chit-chat while you wait your turn. You get to play a few games, then return to the chit-chat group and wait your next turn.

Some cities have VERY COMPETITIVE groups. They are trying to make their team get to regionals and everyone is a very good hitter. If you can’t hold up the team, you have limited play (as determined by that teams captain). You get placed on a team of 10 or more players. If you are an exceptional player, you get to play more often than not.

Some cities have groups like MatchMaker Tennis. We are a recreational tennis group. If you want to play once a week, great. If you want to play 3 times a week, great. Our dues are monthly and you can play as much tennis as YOUR schedule will allow you to play.

We have beginner leagues and intermediate leagues. They are fun and you should make some friends. Want to learn more? Just fill out this form and we will let you know when the next leagues are open for registration.