In the Charlotte Metro area, there are over 30 private tennis clubs. (and that is NOT including HOA’s that have tennis courts).

The rates for these clubs vary. Smaller clubs have monthly dues that are under $500 with Initiation Fees that are also lower (under $1000). They usually have har-tru courts and include a pool and maybe a small weight room.

Really “nice” clubs may include har-tru courts AND clay courts (occasionally a red-clay court or a grass court), 1 (or more) pools, weight rooms, dining facilities, bar facilities and a golf course.

They may charge an application fee (a fee to apply for membership to the club). The application fee is usually to hold your spot on a “wait list”. You are not in the club yet. And the wait list can be up to 2 years long. Initiation fees can go up to $85,000 and monthly dues can be as high as $400. This also does not include the the fact you may be required to spend $100 in the pro shop or dining room.

What the private tennis clubs in Charlotte also have are social events and family events. These can be a very good value and experience for your entire family.

Click here for a list of clubs – public and private.