Pickleball – How To

More people are getting curious about pickleball. This is a good thing. To learn more about pickleball and how to play (beginners), check out this video.

Another Video On Learning Tennis

With a little practice, you can get good enough to join our beginner league. We will match you with a teammate AND have someone from the offie out on the courts to help you with point-play. Click this link to get your tennis skills ready to start.

Learn Tennis

We’ve been locked down for a couple of years. And people are WANTING to get out and do something. If your “something” is to try tennis, this is a GREAT video to help you get started.

HOW Are Tennis Balls Made?

It’s raining here today. That means no tennis. So here is something kind of cool. HOW are tennis balls made? Just check out this video from our friends at Engineering World – How Tennis Balls Are Made.