Tennis and Timing

One of the biggest challenges in tennis is timing and rhythm . This is a great little video. It shows 3 drills to help you get into the swing of things. It is about 7 1/2 minutes long. Check it out when you get a chance.

Local Amateur Tennis Tourney This Weekend

Malcolm Graham is adding tennis tournament director to his title. His foundation – Cynthia Graham Hurd Foundation – named after his sister – is sponsoring Charlotte’s Premier Amateur Tennis Championship. It takes place August 16-18. To find out...

Is Tennis A Contact Sport?

The answer is… sometimes. The players get hit by balls all the time. IF you are good enough to have lines judges, ball kids and an umpire, they “see action” too. When you get a chance, look at these compilations of various tennis match support staff...

More Reasons To Exercise

It is NEVER too late to start exercising. Just ask your doctor. Here is a cute article on what happens to your body when you only exercise for 30 minutes a day.