Winter Indoor and Outdoor Leagues

Registration for the Winter Charlotte Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Leagues opens next month. Help keep those holiday pounds at bay. Come and play tennis with us all winter long. Stay tuned for more information when the registration will open.

Volvo Open

Whether you call it the “Charleston Open”, the “Family Circle Cup” or the “Volvo Open”, you are talking about the closest, professional women’s tennis tournament to Charlotte. ┬áIt is the oldest professional women’s...

Tennis Grips

Did you know that there are 5 (FIVE) grips? This video only covers 2 of them — each for the forehand shot. But it is a very good, technical video. Check this out. It is about 8 1/2 minutes long. Which grip do you prefer?

How To Pick A Racquet

This is a tough question. If you are just starting out, ANY racquet will do. No need to drop $100+ on a racquet until you know how you play and what you like. My first racquet was borrowed and was made of wood. My first “real” racquet was $20 and I got it...