Tennis Grips — How many are there?

Tennis Grips.  Each stroke uses a particular grip.  Ex.  The serve is usually the Continental grip.  What grip is best for a backhand?  Forehand?  Volley? There are at least 5 of grips. Check out this video — it’s about 8 minutes long.

New Charlotte Tennis Clinic Schedule

We are so happy to be working with Queens University to make tennis clinics available. Clinics are great places to making this a wonderful community experience where we can all have fun, meet new friends, and share our love of tennis while getting a great workout! ....

What Color Is A Tennis Ball?

Sounds like an easy question.  My guess would have been “optic yellow” (based on the color used since 1972 according to wikipedia). This question was posed by cgpgrey on a twitter poll.  The answer really depends.  Professional tennis players use a...

Repurpose Old Tennis Balls

So, you play a lot of tennis.  What do yo DO with all of your old tennis balls? Some people use them as a dog toy.  Here are some great uses for your old tennis balls.

Tennis Tuesdays – Ad and Deuce Courts

To a beginner of the greatest game (tennis), the rules and court structure can seem a bit daunting.  Take the Ad and Deuce courts.  Just what does that mean? When you are at the baseline and looking at the net on the hash mark, the deuce court is your right side of...