Pickleball - Skill Level Ratings

A quick overview

  • Novice Pickleballers: Those just getting the hang of this wacky game, have the control of a baby hippo.
  • Intermediate Pickleballers: These players have some moves, but can still be tricked by a sneaky lob.
  • Advanced Pickleballers: These folks have seen it all, and will make you pay for any mistake you make.
  • Expert Pickleballers: These are the legends of the court, masters of the dink and the drop shot, who can turn a pickleball into a work of art.


1.0 – 2.0
This beginner pickleball player has no prior sports experience and is just starting to learn the rules of the game. They need an easytounderstand introduction to the fundamentals of pickleball.
This player has limited experience, but is able to maintain a rally and keep score with players of similar ability.

This player lacks the ability to consistently hit a medium paced shot with directional intent. Avoids backhand shots

He/she is learning proper court positioning and understands fundamentals and knows basic rules.

This player has a moderate level of shot control and some consistency with backhand shots. Can hold a dink rally as well as getting their serve into play. Understanding of stacking and situations where it should be used.
This player has improved stroke mechanics and has moderate success at hitting a backhand consistently. Forehands have more depth and control. They are still working on mixing up shot selection and timing. He/she is aware of their partners position and can move as a team and a solid understanding of stacking.
This player has a strong level of consistency, often using the pace and depth of their shots to force errors from their opponents or set up their next shot. Backhands have good consistency and pace at varying depths. Can recognize attackable dink shots. Is able to put put away lobs. And is comfortable in the No Volley Zone (Kitchen). He/she has good footwork and weight transfer as well as recognizing the opponent’s weaknesses.
5.0 +

This player has mastered the drop shot and dinks. Has developed a high level of variety, depth, and pace of serves.

Executes touch, spin, and pace with control to set up offensive situations. Commits few mistakes without external pressure.

His/her prowess is evident in their performance and tournament victories – a testament to their ability to consistently perform at a top-notch level.