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Seneca Park




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All Freedom Park 6:30 pm Leagues are <b> ON </b>
All Freedom Park 8:00 pm Leagues are <b> ON </b>
All Park Road Park 6:30 pm Leagues are <b> ON</b>
All Clinics are <b> ON </b>




All leagues are <b> ON </b>
All clinics are <b> ON </b>
<I> Please check back 30 minutes before the event is scheduled to start for any additional updates </I>
<b><i>HEAT ADVISORY</i></b>
The National Weather Service may issue a Heat Advisory for our area during the summer months.
If you are playing tennis, you will need to bring to court water or sports drinks and be prepared for long matches in the heat.
To learn the signs of <a href=”https://www.mayoclinic.com/health/first-aid-heat-exhaustion/FA00020″ target=”_blank”>heat exaustion, click this link from the Mayo Clinic</a>.